Hey I made it back to the blogging world!

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Hi guys,

Let me introduce myself, I’m Claire,

Just Darling Cakes

formerly of Just Darling Cakes (I’ve taken my website down but still have my facebook page if you would like to see the pictures) but after closing the business some time ago I left the blogging world and have been missing the cathartic out pouring of my geekiness.  So here I am back again to bore/amuse you with my journey as I learn how to sew.

I’ve been obsessed with reading everyone else’s sewing blogs and gradually starting projects of my own.  I do not come from a sewing background, nobody in the family has a machine or the faintest idea what to do with one but it’s always fascinated me!  I got my machine last summer and it’s like coming home, I love it!

My firstproject was rather ambitiously an Elsa dress for my daughter, I drafted and cut my own pattern and sewed it together.  The inside seams make me blush (totally unfinished), but it did come together and was wearable. I made a full circle skirt, the bodice was three rectangles with a ribbon closure.  I sewed a few fiddly, snowflake sequins to the front and to the detachable cape, but they were so annoying to handle I didn’t do as many as planned.  Liv was away the weekend I made it, and we did have fit issues on her return but got there in the end, and many lessons stored away for future reference! Apologies for the photos these were taken without any thought that one day they’d be on the internet!

Front of DressIMG_8433Twirling Elsa

I know I am going to be totally obsessed with making clothes once I get the hang of it, I’m half way through a Clemence skirt at the moment and a pair of roman blinds after a brilliant workshop with Lauren. The blinds are winning through sheer practicality but I can’t wait to go back to the skirt and finally finish a garment that hopefully can be worn!

So I aim to blog about each project I undertake, there will be snippets of crochet and other crafts too so I hope I will keep you entertained.  All comments welcome, thanks for reading!


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