One off the list

News Updates

Hi guys hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was very productive, spent a good few hours working on the mahoosive living room blind on Saturday, you can see from this picture how huge it is compared to my sample blind.   It’s throwing up all sorts of different problems, but tackling them one by one and it’s taking shape.  Hopefully will get finished next weekend.


Sunday we went to meet this little fellow, the gorgeous Bobby D (short for Dazzler).  As we are not in a position to have our own dog at the moment, we have signed up for Borrow My Doggy, so we can walk other people’s dogs at the weekend.  Bobby is an adorable Jack Russel/Collie Cross who loves to fetch balls as we discovered even the heavy rain didn’t put him off. We are totally in love and can’t wait to walk him next weekend.


Last night I was shattered so I curled up in front of Bones with a glass of wine and made this.  So I have officially completed one of the items off my list.  It’s a needle case, made with felt, a little applique and some rather dodgy embroidery (definitely a skill that needs working on!).  I can’t take any credit for the design as I took a photos of one owned by Jane when she attended the same blind workshop as me.




I’m pretty pleased with this and will definitely make more for presents.


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