I’m back and I have made pyjama bottoms!

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Hi Guys

Sorry for the mahoosive gap but I had no access to the blog due to work constraints (I basically didn’t have Chrome on my temporary PC, so no lunch time blogging) so it was very much neglected. However, I’m back for good now and I have new hobbies to share with you!

The sewing continues with renewed vigour after an awesome sewing class at The York School of Sewing, and now I am also learning calligraphy and hand lettering.  I am teaching myself the new writing skills with the aid of a rather amazing blog called The Postman’s Knock.

I’m still crocheting too and will showcase any new crafts as I learn them.

So last sunday I was lucky enough to take a course with Nadine at The York School of Sewing to make a pair of PJ bottoms.  I decided to make them for my mum as it is her Birthday today.  Happy Birthday Mum!!!!


The course was fabulous, I learnt so many new skills, pattern cutting and adjusting (mum has long legs), sewing curved seams, elastic and drawstring waistbands, button holes…. I’m buzzing and can’t wait to make something else from a pattern!

Last night I started cutting out some gorgeous floral cotton to make the sleeveless shell top from the latest Sewing Bee Book.  I used the tracing wheel method and found it really quick and precise, but I will see how that translates to sewing the garment together.

shell top

Since starting on my calligraphy quest I’ve pledged to make all handmade cards, they are pretty basic but I’m also lining the envelopes and doing artwork on the fronts so all in all pretty post for my friends and family.



I also made Mark this little bit of fun for our anniversary!


So apologies for the lateness of this post and it’s rambling content but you’re now all up to date and I will post weekly.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment!

Claire xxx


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