Finished the Shell Top…. and it’s wearable!


Happy Monday guys,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend?  I can’t believe I’ve done it, I’ve finished the top and it fits!  Ok it could do with a FBA and maybe make it a little longer to be more flattering, but it’s done, it’s well constructed and it’s the first thing I’ve made from a pattern with no help!  I’m so pleased with it I’m wearing it to work!



Bouyed with this success I’m going to make some pyjama shorts for my girls! In a lovely white cotton with strawberries on to be teamed with a white vest top cute or what?


I’ve definitely got the sewing bug again, but must learn to step away from my fabric after wine!  Getting a bit giddy on saturday evening, I just had to sew something so decided a pin cushion would be a fairly safe bet?!  You’d think eh?  Well not so, as for some reason all sense of proportion went out the window and I ended up with this which is super tiny and probably only fit for the borrowers!  Oh well lesson learnt 😉






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