Strawberry PJ shorts and a little bit of calligraphy

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Hi Guys

Hope you had a great weekend?  I rather selfishly spent all of yesterday afternoon sewing, but for a change it wasn’t for me so not so selfish!  I’m in the process of making Laura some PJ shorts, in cute strawberry print.


I didn’t use the same pattern as last time as I only had the large size version, instead I used Lauren Guthrie’s pattern which is in her book.

lauren guthrie pyjamas

The pattern was lovely to work from, the paper is great quality and not as scary as the tissue in the Butterick patterns.  I cut the smallest size and figured with elastication it will be fine.  There were two weird sticky out bits one at the top of the outside leg and one at the waist that I’m still not sure what they were for… so I chopped them off but if you can enlighten me, please do 🙂

I must have been having a brain freeze as it took me three goes to get the inside leg/crotch bit right, I don’t know if it was because they are short ones, so I was getting confused by the tiny inside leg, but either way ARGH!  Got there in the end though and they just need waist and hemming now and they fit!  I’ve also managed to put pockets in which I love to bits, everything should have pockets!

I’m afraid I’ve not taken photos as I was going along so instead I’m going to show you a little bit of faux calligraphy art, that I finished off last night and is all ready to be framed.  Sorry for the rubbish pictures, I blog on my lunch at work and can only get pictures up via instagram!


Hopefully I will get to finish the shorts soon and can let you see!  I’m going to get a plain white vest top to match and applique a motif on, to bring the two things together as a set.


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