Finished the Shell Top…. and it’s wearable!


Happy Monday guys,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend?  I can’t believe I’ve done it, I’ve finished the top and it fits!  Ok it could do with a FBA and maybe make it a little longer to be more flattering, but it’s done, it’s well constructed and it’s the first thing I’ve made from a pattern with no help!  I’m so pleased with it I’m wearing it to work!



Bouyed with this success I’m going to make some pyjama shorts for my girls! In a lovely white cotton with strawberries on to be teamed with a white vest top cute or what?


I’ve definitely got the sewing bug again, but must learn to step away from my fabric after wine!  Getting a bit giddy on saturday evening, I just had to sew something so decided a pin cushion would be a fairly safe bet?!  You’d think eh?  Well not so, as for some reason all sense of proportion went out the window and I ended up with this which is super tiny and probably only fit for the borrowers!  Oh well lesson learnt 😉






Crochet Scarf and Novel TeaCup Uses

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Hey Guys


Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been seconded at work and it’s taken a wee bit of getting my head round so lunchtimes were purely for recovery, not creative writing! However, I’m good now and I did manage to get my crochet scarf finished on Wednesday.  I’m so happy with it I’ve worn it two days in a row.  It’s soooooo soft, just a really simple repetitive treble stitch on a large hook and then joined the two ends together.  I can see me getting a lot of wear out of this.


It’s great how finishing something makes you feel, it doesn’t matter how simple it is, it’s just that sense of I made that.

Tea Cups

I saw this beautiful  teacup pin cushion on line the other date and can’t wait to make a version for myself.


It reminded me of this clever use of a teacup by the lovely Katie from Hello Vintage who I met when I was in the wedding industry.  She made gorgeous teacup candles and gifted me with this one when she came to visit my studio.  I couldn’t bring myself to burn it for years but finally went for it this week and it’s so pretty!  When it’s burnt down I will use the teacup for my pin cushion, multiple upcycling on the same object.



General Update

I did a bit more work on the living room blinds at the weekend, but didn’t really get much further, it’s starting to be a bit of a drag that I just want to get it out of the way so I can do some more fun projects.  I also made a bit of a boo cutting the second one out, which I think I can work with but still having heart palpitations!  If my mother in law is reading this please do not tell your son, he’s happily oblivious till I work out the answer!

I also tried to teach my 7yr old Liv to use my sewing machine… hmm I’m glad we discovered her lack of pedal control before driving lessons come along.  She literally could not coordinate herself to lift her foot off the pedal.  This is something we need to work on before she goes anywhere near my car!

I will be back soon with more little projects and hopefully a finished pair of blinds!