English Paper Piecing


I started a new project last night, one I’ve been dying to try for ages.  I’m so glad I did, I’m totally addicted already.  It’s English Paper piecing… basically patchwork by hand with the use of little paper templates.  I was looking for a portable craft that didn’t need an iron straight off or a lot of equipment, so I can do it on the move or in front of the TV.  This fits the bill perfectly.

I’ve been collecting fat quarters for a while so I already had some lovely material to hand.  I decided on a ‘flower’ to start which I’m going to make into a pin cushion, and then move onto a small quilt.

So I got to work cutting out the hexagons last night, so quick and easy, just pin a paper template on and cut around.


Then baste the edges over to secure the template and start sewing together with a tiny whip stitch.  I was worried what colour thread to use as I’ve got both dark and light fabric.  I went with white and it looked fine as the stitches are pretty invisible.  Oops just looked through my photos and realised I didn’t take a picture of the back, but feast your eyes on these pretty fabrics instead!


An hour or so later and ta dah


I just need to remove the pins and attach to a backing piece to make my pin cushion.  So happy with this, can’t wait to plan out a whole quilt!


Project List


Hi Guys,

I’ve just had my lunchtime fix of reading other peoples’ sewing blogs, today it was the talented Nette, whose creations I love!  I am now finding my list of ‘I’ve got to make that’ is getting ridiculously long!  Here’s where it’s at today!

2 humungous roman blinds for the living room

Finish my poor neglected Clemence skirt

A pencil-case and memo board each for my girls

A needle case that I blogged about here

piecework patchwork inspired by my friend Jo

Cushions for my mum’s living room

Finish my crochet scarf

Considering I work full-time and have two children… this make take a while!

There are some amazing sewing blogs out there and I can’t get enough of them… obsessed me? Erm Yes totally 🙂  These are my favourite:

Guthrie and Ghani

Handmade by Jane

Scruffy Badgertime



So no pictures today just lists, sorry folks but I will be back soon with progress on at least some of these projects!