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Hi guys hope you had a great weekend.  Mine was very productive, spent a good few hours working on the mahoosive living room blind on Saturday, you can see from this picture how huge it is compared to my sample blind.   It’s throwing up all sorts of different problems, but tackling them one by one and it’s taking shape.  Hopefully will get finished next weekend.


Sunday we went to meet this little fellow, the gorgeous Bobby D (short for Dazzler).  As we are not in a position to have our own dog at the moment, we have signed up for Borrow My Doggy, so we can walk other people’s dogs at the weekend.  Bobby is an adorable Jack Russel/Collie Cross who loves to fetch balls as we discovered even the heavy rain didn’t put him off. We are totally in love and can’t wait to walk him next weekend.


Last night I was shattered so I curled up in front of Bones with a glass of wine and made this.  So I have officially completed one of the items off my list.  It’s a needle case, made with felt, a little applique and some rather dodgy embroidery (definitely a skill that needs working on!).  I can’t take any credit for the design as I took a photos of one owned by Jane when she attended the same blind workshop as me.




I’m pretty pleased with this and will definitely make more for presents.


Project List


Hi Guys,

I’ve just had my lunchtime fix of reading other peoples’ sewing blogs, today it was the talented Nette, whose creations I love!  I am now finding my list of ‘I’ve got to make that’ is getting ridiculously long!  Here’s where it’s at today!

2 humungous roman blinds for the living room

Finish my poor neglected Clemence skirt

A pencil-case and memo board each for my girls

A needle case that I blogged about here

piecework patchwork inspired by my friend Jo

Cushions for my mum’s living room

Finish my crochet scarf

Considering I work full-time and have two children… this make take a while!

There are some amazing sewing blogs out there and I can’t get enough of them… obsessed me? Erm Yes totally 🙂  These are my favourite:

Guthrie and Ghani

Handmade by Jane

Scruffy Badgertime



So no pictures today just lists, sorry folks but I will be back soon with progress on at least some of these projects!

Roman Blinds with Lauren Guthrie


I feel the need to justify myself sometimes, especially my hobbies. Although I lean towards creating pretty clothes, I thought it would go down better at home if at first I learnt something more practical!  I’ve always loved the effect of roman blinds but they’re just so damn expensive (and rightly so, just out of my budget), so this seemed a good place to start.  Particularly when I found out one of the ladies I’d been extensively blog stalking had a workshop doing just that and it would mean I get to visit her beautiful shop!

Guthrie and Ghani

Image purloined from Lauren’s own blog.

I had previously had an attempt at these blinds, thinking I could whip one up for my au pair before she arrived… hmmm suffice it to say I was at Dunelm buying curtains the day before!!!  Not as simple as the You Tube tutorials looked.

So on Valentine’s Day I tootled off to Birmingham, much more nervous than I had anticipated, and attended the roman blind workshop.  It was a fabulous workshop from start to finish and it turns out they are quite simple to make you just need a good teacher!  This is my mini blind

IMG_8431 IMG_8430

I’m now working on some blinds for my living room, a slightly larger project as the main window is nearly 2 metres wide!  Pattern matching was a bit of an issue but will blog about that in the next post.  I am determined to succeed.

I even managed to take a quick selfie with the lovely Lauren Guthrie


A bonus to an already lovely day was meeting Jane who had this adorable needle case with her.  Apparently it was made for her quite some years ago by her teenage babysitter!  Isn’t it adorable, I would love to have a try to recreate this, maybe with some cherries on the front?


The detail is just beautiful!

Hey I made it back to the blogging world!

News Updates

Hi guys,

Let me introduce myself, I’m Claire,

Just Darling Cakes

formerly of Just Darling Cakes (I’ve taken my website down but still have my facebook page if you would like to see the pictures) but after closing the business some time ago I left the blogging world and have been missing the cathartic out pouring of my geekiness.  So here I am back again to bore/amuse you with my journey as I learn how to sew.

I’ve been obsessed with reading everyone else’s sewing blogs and gradually starting projects of my own.  I do not come from a sewing background, nobody in the family has a machine or the faintest idea what to do with one but it’s always fascinated me!  I got my machine last summer and it’s like coming home, I love it!

My firstproject was rather ambitiously an Elsa dress for my daughter, I drafted and cut my own pattern and sewed it together.  The inside seams make me blush (totally unfinished), but it did come together and was wearable. I made a full circle skirt, the bodice was three rectangles with a ribbon closure.  I sewed a few fiddly, snowflake sequins to the front and to the detachable cape, but they were so annoying to handle I didn’t do as many as planned.  Liv was away the weekend I made it, and we did have fit issues on her return but got there in the end, and many lessons stored away for future reference! Apologies for the photos these were taken without any thought that one day they’d be on the internet!

Front of DressIMG_8433Twirling Elsa

I know I am going to be totally obsessed with making clothes once I get the hang of it, I’m half way through a Clemence skirt at the moment and a pair of roman blinds after a brilliant workshop with Lauren. The blinds are winning through sheer practicality but I can’t wait to go back to the skirt and finally finish a garment that hopefully can be worn!

So I aim to blog about each project I undertake, there will be snippets of crochet and other crafts too so I hope I will keep you entertained.  All comments welcome, thanks for reading!